Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I don't mean to complain, but...

The past week has been so busy. The biggest factor is that we don't have a steady nanny/ babysitter. Or any babysitter, for that matter. It is wearing me out; I am not at that stage yet.

It may be that I only have Bursitis now, but guess what? That hurts, too. Yes, together with PVNS- now that was real, big time pain. I am definitely better with the tumor gone. I am *not* on narcotic pain relief anymore, thank Gd, but am still on pain relief (Algolyzin). Hip bursitis is still a drag.

And speaking of drag, kupat cholim (Israel's HMO) is really dragging their feet with the treatments I need for it; physical therapy and hydrotherapy. I called almost every day, and almost every day there was another hold up. My surgery was 5 weeks ago, and nothing has moved. My doctor (Prof Meller) wrote a note to my kupat cholim with exclamation points at the end of each sentence: "physical therapy immediately!" "hydrotherapy at any price!" Underlined, too. (BTW- he wrote the letter as a follow-up for the PVNS surgery. I need it for the two reasons, not only the Bursitis.)

I do have an evaluation set up for next week to get the approvals, but why do I have to go through an evaluation process? Hello! Read my records, please. I already was doing hydrotherapy, why a new evaluation now?? Then, of course, after the evaluation, by the time the paperwork is shuffled sufficiently, I may start in two weeks after that (3 weeks from now). In the mean time, Dorit wants me to go to a physical therapist who specializes in Bursitis, and she has spoken with him about my case already. She speaks of him very highly, but, he is private, not in the HMO at all. Mega bucks. I am going to run it by my private insurance we have (extra coverage beyond kupat cholim) and see if they will cover it. But, I am skeptical, since it is not in the contract. [now there was a challenge... to read the teeny printed 3 page contract in Hebrew.] Dorit told me that in the kupat cholim PT clinics, it is only 45 minutes once a week, and the physiotherapists aren't as high caliber as this guy. And, she said optimally I should have it 2x/ week to really be effective. Maybe I should just start with him and pay, then see what happens with kupat cholim.

I have a taste of the good life... got rid of one pain, now I want the other one gone.

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