Monday, December 28, 2009

I forgot about all the PT!

When I wrote my morning routine in the previous post, I somehow forgot to write in all the physical therapy and work outs I have almost every day. Now I remember that *that* is why I haven't found much time to get going on the book. Yesterday I had a totally free morning (and I even completely forgot to do my PT at home), so I got really optimistic and made a plan based on that.

For now, there is still a lot of work to do with my body, getting things back in good working order. The hydrotherapy is very time consuming- basically two hours door to door by the time I get back. It always takes a fair amount of time to find parking in the smallest of Soroka's parking lots (near the PT), then changing, 45 minutes to an hour of pool time, showering and getting everything all together again. By the time I get home and wash my suit & towel, eat a decent meal, there is only time for either a small walk with Emma, or doing emailing/ writing the blog, as I'm doing now. :-) If I choose not to walk Emma, the boys will when they get home.

So, things aren't as cut-n-dry as I said yesterday, but are they ever, really? I'll write my book when I can, and meanwhile I get good ideas for the next stages. I have an idea now to go through my posts, starting from Caringbridge, and put them into categories of updates: physical (medical), emotional, spiritual, family, other. Unfortunately, Caringbridge doesn't let you do searches on the site. Maybe I could put it all into PDF format and search that way? Would that work? Within the posts I'll have to separate issues as well. That seems like a lot of work for me, but I need the organization in front of me. It is too big if I don't break it up. So, that's how I plan to start.

The prayers I am requesting now are for emotional strength to read through everything (little by little, and stop if I feel overwhelmed) and categorize, without getting sucked into the trauma vortex.

Any other ideas you can offer me as to how to begin, or comments on my plan are welcome. I am new at this, and all ideas will be fielded. :-)


  1. I find it easier to read books that are ordered chronologically, rather than by topic

  2. How about writing at first without going through past posts? I suspect that some of the old posts might make you relive the trauma, since you're still recovering from PTSD. It would be good to consult a therapist about this.

    Just a thought.

  3. RivkA- I also want to write it chronologically. I just feel like I have to categorize the posts so I can edit them, and then at the end start actually stringing it together chronologically. I am trying to find a way to organize this all- the posts are a hodge-podge of everything. Maybe I should just go linear like that- like with all topics touched on as they existed? I don't know. I am thinking this through... It is a hard project to start, but I feel like I have so much of it written already. I just don't feel organized...

    And Michelle- I am aware of those obstacles, and I have to go very slowly. And I have Lily to talk with & write to when I need to, thank Gd!

    Thanks both of you!

  4. maybe i could help you think over and plan your thanksgiving party and arrange things before.

    shifra answered the phone and she sounded so much older than when you last came by with your kids.

    can't the website help you with adding a feature making it more user friendly? have you asked the site manager if he'd be willing to accomodate you and so doing improve his site?