Tuesday, December 29, 2009

*nobody* should have a schedule like the one I had today

  • I went to sleep at 1am on Monday night (bad decision)
  • I woke up at 6:45am
  • Got all the kids to school (Robert not home, I drove the boys)
  • Physical therapy
  • An hour break, then hydrotherapy
  • Immediately after hydro (where I lost an earring!), with hair still wet under my hat, I head to my appointment with Lily
  • Immediately get home from that appointment to receive the [3] children
  • (notice how book writing didn't even make it close to this list?)
  • Go to Shifra's school at 4:15 to pick her up after her field trip, only to wait 40 minutes in the car until the bus arrives (and that was after I had called the teacher on the bus to confirm the estimated arrival time)
  • finally return home with her, then turn around to take Dov to his work-out
  • Come home again and organize the kitchen to make dinner
  • put my pool clothes in the laundry so the chlorine doesn't make them threadbare.
  • Make pancakes for dinner, together with Shifra... that is to say... it took more patience to have a kid with me stirring things up.
  • served dinner
  • intervened with fights and kids running around with food through the living room
  • cleaned up after dinner
  • SAT DOWN for 12 minutes
  • babysitter came, I left with Dov & Ya'akov to go to parent-teacher-child conferences at their school.
  • came home at 9:15pm from that, Robert still not home (he is doing the shopping), so I walked Emma while the babysitter was still here.
  • 9:30 pm- now- just finished tucking in Dov & Ya'akov, and I am going to C R A S H. I am in a great deal of --discomfort-- (that is to say, pain, in small letters.)
  • ... well wait- not just now- the boys are bickering about having a night light on or off.
I think I'm a good mom, and I have more patience then I ever had before, but my meat thermometer just popped out- I'm done.

*And* I am on-call for two births within the next two weeks.

Good night.


  1. What happened to one birth a month?

    Sounds like a crazy day. Sometimes they just pop out at us.

  2. Hi Sandra,
    what happened to one birth a month. Well, I guess I decided on doing two. I get a lot of calls, and I have rejected many. I really only intended to take one birth this time period, but what happened was that I accepted a woman with a 3rd birth, which I had been with her for #1 & #2. Then, Hilary called asking me to join her in a home birth (my passion)due also around now. So, I hope to make it to both, but Hilary knows that there is a chance, depending on this other birth, that it may not happen. But I really love being at home births.
    Two births a month is doable,and OK with me. I'll have to live it to confirm, you know?

  3. I understand. Now I hope that you can do it with Robert's father so bad.