Monday, December 14, 2009

The twelve days leading up to the twelfth year

There are now twelve days in my life
that I know
I did this.
I single parented four children
within three months
of two surgeries.
four kids, three months, two surgeries, one parent.
It has been hard.
But as exhaustion sets in,
and my head spins,
I must
thank Gd for the gift of life,
the gift of being a better parent
The gift of learning my lessons
The Hard Way.
I never took the easy way.
It's just not me, is it.

This is the way it had to be.

Today is the Gregorian calendar day
of our wedding anniversary.
Twelve years.
Happy Anniversary, Robert
Come home safely,
and in peace.

(he isn't due home for another two days, but since Dov & Ya'akov just left to sleep at their cousins' house for two nights, I am feeling less pressure with only two kids to parent, and feeling like the hardest part is behind me)


  1. We must have discussed this before, but today (the 14th) was my and J's (17th) engagement anniversary!

    I can't believe that when I "met" you, you were such a newlywed!!

    Anyway, you rock. I'm so proud of you that you got thru these last 12 days, and I'm sure you'll sail thru the last two.

    Love, D

  2. Sarah,
    You did great. I can barely take care of my two kids on a "normal" day! Happy anniversary to you and Robert.
    Dina Gruber

  3. Way to go. Only two days left! Isn't it funny how when we only had 1 or 2 it was hard. Now with four you are happy to be down to two. LOL.