Wednesday, January 6, 2010

One birth down, one to go!

One of the births happened today! Mazal tov. It's a girl after two boys. :-)

I was an easy, quick birth. I knew the woman well from her other births, so we went right into our groove. The birth was simply beautiful. Natural and with lots of love, B"H. (this was a hospital birth, I am still waiting for the home birth)

I was only needed with her for about four hours- and that's with two hours staying with her after the birth happened. As I said- quick.

She called me at 3am to tell me it is starting, but she doesn't need me yet. I fell back to sleep, knowing I'd hear from her again soon. The next time she called was 5am, and I got to her at 5:45.

It wasn't very taxing on me at all, but when I got home, I still came home and went upstairs to rest- I was quite tired.

Now it is 6pm--- and *I just woke up*. I went to bed at 11am, and woke at 6pm. And that is with a short, easy birth!

I now have a bit of a headache, but I have to get up, and be active for a little while. I actually have a couple coming to meet me for an initial meeting at 7pm. I decided not to cancel them; it's only an hour meeting, and, knowing part of their story, I feel like I want to be extra reliable for them. It is one of the April births.

But wow- I am knocked out. I don't know why, particularly. I mean, yeah, I woke at 3am, then 5, and went to work. So, OK, so I rested when I came home at 11. But I needed a full 7 hours sleep? Huh? And if I wasn't forcing myself up now (after taking Tylenol), I'd stay here and go to sleep for the night. But it is better to get up a bit. Also I want face time with the children (Robert's day off was today, so he's been with them.).

Well, I worked, and, thank Gd, it was a positive experience for all of us. But why so much sleep? I am not *that* abnormal, am I??

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  1. I would probably have slept a lot after that too, maybe not quite 7 hours but 4-5 if I could. You're still healing and gaining your strength back. Don't worry too much about it. Just take it as a sign not to take too much on. I also think it was good you got up. You might have been up in the middle of the night not being able to go back to sleep. Oh, and congratulations on helping with an awesome birth!