Friday, February 12, 2010

Another page of pain. I apologize.

Working on it.
I just have to write.
My heart aches
my leg aches
Details are stuck somewhere in production.

It was a hard trip.
Very meaningful, and very right,
but hard.

My leg... I am giving up hope.
It hurts. Almost all the time.
There is no fixing it.Align Center
Some relationships also cannot be fixed.
Lots of hope being let go of here.

Letting go of Robert's parents, for I loved them, too.
Letting go of ever fixing relationships with living parents.
Letting go of hope for a life without pain.

(I have a consult with Meller on Sunday. Got a prayer to spare?)


  1. I have a prayer to spare. I will pray that you get relief from your pain.

    A Reader

  2. Give yourself and your body some time to heal after the long, traumatic trip. Have a peaceful, nurturing Shabbat.