Monday, March 15, 2010

These kids, and that crazy little thing called love

Yesterday all my kids told me they love me, all at different times. I didn't even prompt them. :-)

Dov: going off on his bike for a ride to the opposite side of our neighborhood.... for the first time. (with red helmet-- he looked so adorable!) He was going to hang out at a park with a school friend. As he kicked off the event on our sidewalk, I gave him my blessing that Hashem should watch over him and bless him the whole way.
He blessed me back, and added "I Love You".

Ya'akov: "I love you when you are here with us and no babysitter".

Shifra: after I bought her different sorts of organizing boxes and helped her sort out her room, teaching her about how you put similar things together, how to decide what to throw away, what you'll need and which space to put things. She was so pleased with the result that she threw her arms around me and said "I love my ima! You're the BEST"! (I gotta get that on a video clip for posterity- I may need it later when said little girl hits 13 or so...)

Azriel: "Iwuvoo"... at night when I was getting up from lying down with him for some quiet together time. I thought he was sleeping, then I hear this little sweet voice in the dark...

Am I the luckiest mother in the world, or what?

(I even got an "I love you" from my husband, now that I think of it, on the same day as well!)

For all the hardships, something very right is happening around here!!
Baruch Hashem.


  1. good things happen when ima is up and around. keep it coming !

  2. Sarah,
    We should all find these gems each day.