Tuesday, April 27, 2010

needing more rest

Getting ready to put on eye shades and get back into bed. I tried to get up... I really tried. I got dressed, and got myself ready. But I am so insanely tired. This headache is threatening to get stronger if I don't pay it heed. I canceled my hydrotherapy. (you know I only do that if it's serious).

Good days, bad days. Advil figures fairly prominently in both sorts. Headaches, or hip pain. I take a lot of Advil. Real full blown migraines get the added plus of stronger meds.

I am sorry that to some of who who wrote me that all I have to do is decide to put this all behind me; it's a matter of a decision. Maybe that's how things were for you. I give my life my all, most of you know that about me. My kids are happy and feel so loved, I am truly blessed with a family that constantly loves me and understands my struggles.

I have to go to bed now. I'll set the alarm for another three hours, hopefully when the kids come home then I'll be better.

I am going to a neurologist tomorrow, but I don't have high hopes it'll get anywhere except more drug suggestions.

These are the days that Hashem kept me alive to live. I am living them, and coping pretty well. We all get our challenges.
Good days and bad days. That's life.
It just feels so extreme sometimes, you know?

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  1. You do really seem to be doing a good job of accepting it (at least in public!!), even when you don't like it... Kol haKavod for that! And I hope you get/got a good rest.

    Keep on doing what you're doing... I know it's hard, but it seems to be working for you at least on the day to day, even though the big picture is crazy!