Monday, May 3, 2010

Head CT (no results yet)

I had the head CT today. Pretty uneventful, as medical appointments go, but it is a head CT. I don't know; I can deal with thigh and hip. Someone looking at my brain is a little weird. And then there is me, of course, wondering what the evaluation will be. At least I am not tempted to pop it in the laptop- I have no idea what a brain is supposed to look like in a CT.

Every day I take Advil at some point for head pain. Yesterday was a full-blown migraine. I was supposed to take Shifra to the doctor in the morning about her stuff, and I canceled that the night before (after the bonfire) because I already knew how I was feeling, and that getting out in the morning wasn't going to be an option for me. I need to take care of her needs, and yesterday I couldn't do that. I rescheduled for Thursday. There was also a Bat-Mitzvah celebration to go to, and I had to miss it. We wound up sending Shifra un-chaperoned, but she was looked after by a friend of mine. Basically I lost a day... again. Regular migraine day: feel it coming on, take Advil to try to ward it off. If that doesn't work, get into bed and decide next step. Which drugs, how can I cancel the day's activities and have support for the kids. Maybe take more Advil and wait a bit. If it persists, I usually decide for all out- zombification and sleep it off. I take a cocktail of a few different strong things I have in my special box, and they knock me out. I sleep lots, then all through the night, and I wake up without the headache. That would bring me to today...

A half hour ago I took the Advils. However, I made it till 6:15PM, with only the slightest hint of a headache, but that is always how it starts, just a hint. Gotta catch it early. Today wasn't regular, though. This morning I had to fast for the CT, and then go through the test (so grateful for my company! Thanks, M!!), so that couldn't help having a stress-free day. Who the heck has stress free days, anyway?? You can't live hoping that will happen on a regular basis.
My theory is that they won't find anything in the CT, and we will have to play with medications a bit. Not a happy thought, but neither is the almost daily headaches.

I have to go and get ready to play the concert tonight.
Please Gd I'll come home happy, and with a pain-free head.


  1. Best of luck with your concert.

  2. I'm praying that the music fills your head, instead of the pain! Enjoy making beautiful music.