Friday, June 25, 2010


My headaches are back. I guess it goes hand-n-hand with stress. And I feel pretty stressed out these days.

Surgery getting closer.

A zillion details to organize the children for camp & a trip to England.

I am second and third questioning myself about this surgery.
I need to strengthen my emmunah (faith) more & more. It is hard to know how much I have to do to confirm that this is the right thing for me, and how much I should let the decisions be, and trust Hashem to either bless them,
or guide me away from them.

I am just really stressed.
Robert & I would love a few days away before surgery.
It just feels overwhelming to organize yet another thing.

I need to sleep off this present headache before I head out to Jerusalem for Shabbat... just Shifra & I... just us girls. :-)

Shabbat Shalom
B'siata D'shamaya.
(with the help of Gd)

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