Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Life's details

I should've stopped hours ago.
Pretty much all day has been paperwork.
I am totally at my wits end here.
What started this paperwork madness?

Getting insurance papers together for my upcoming surgery, we started searches in our files for referrals, past release forms, receipts. Of course, the one paper I really need is not showing up in all the normal places I'd have filed it.

I went through the entire "NF" file (very fat file), and the entire "health insurance" file, also very fat. I managed to throw stuff away and thinned them out, but the one paper I need did not show up.

I need also to get signatures for renewing (permanently) my handicapped parking permit, and documentation together for cancellation of my student loans (based on medical disability).

The backlash from the NF, and the PVNS thereafter is just *massive*. My whole day today was dealing with paperwork and the overwhelming-ness of details. So many details. A bazillion papers, signatures, staples, copies, and DETAILS.

I am grouchy now and feeling very unnerved.

I should have stopped earlier.

I'm going to put in a load of laundry now... that is one of life's details that I do lovingly. I like folding laundry. I feel that while I smooth out the wrinkles of my children's clothes, I am giving them my unspoken prayer that the wrinkles in their lives will also be smoother.

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  1. Sarah: What a wonderful thought. I will use that myself to make laundry a more positive task. But I wish for you that the wrinkles in your life will be smoother.

    Hugs, Jackie