Friday, July 30, 2010

truth and consequences

In the free flow of time over here, I have forgotten my medicine a few days in a row. I sleep so much, wake around 11 or 12, don't get to eating or drinking right away, can't take the meds until I eat something, so I forget to eat & take the meds. Consequently, my neuropathic system gave me a wake-up call last night... those electric shocks that I know from my last experience of being off the meds. That alien-abducting-my-brain-feeling again. It was only this morning that I realized that I have been forgetting. So I took it today, but it's been a bad day. Damn, everything is so thrown off.
Pain has shifted, too. It was predominantly on the left upper side of gapey, now it's more central, and sharper. Ugh.

I haven't been taking any of my vitamins, either. Again, not enough regular eating. I can't take them on an empty stomach, so I haven't been taking them. I *do* eat, just not regularly, and when I do, I can't be bothered with dealing with vitamins. My post-op sensitive tummy just isn't up to it, you know?

No More Surgeries!! I feel like forming a picket line with big placards angled towards the heavens. I know you'd all do that with me. :-)

Robert sent me a web link today for an interesting and seemingly successful treatment for hip PVNS. It's surgical, but less invasive than hip replacement. The long and short of reading that today was
"NO!! Please God, NO!!!"

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