Friday, July 9, 2010

Wild cards

OK, I have some perspective.

Last night I was trying to reconcile the new wild card I was handed.

Today (after not enough sleep) we got on the phone and started calling around for recommendations and advice for babysitters. We talked to many people, and met a few today.

Things are going to to work out. I do not plan on canceling the surgery. Last night was me trying to throw out the wild cards and regain equilibrium. The surgery and post-op is one wild card that I have been trying to deal with. My stomach has been in upheaval possibly because of that.

Then last night when I got another wild card with the nanny not coming, I started thinking I need to regroup and throw the wild cards back at The Dealer.

But we are using what is dealt us. That nanny obviously wasn't the right one for us. Thankfully we found out early enough.

We will be able to find childcare help. We have options. We will most likely be paying much more than we originally planned with the live-in nanny we had hired, but that is also part of what was dealt us.

On that subject, this surgery is anyway costing more than we had planned. The coverage is good, but not 100%, and these procedures I'm having are very pricey.

(remember that I am going private with this- usually health care is totally free to Israeli citizens. But this one is 100% private by my choice, and thankfully we have private insurance to cover a big part of it. Many Israelis have no supplemental insurance. We took ours out only about a year before I got NF. Someone is looking out for me. But we knew that, didn't we...)

It's going to be OK. It's all going to be OK, with the help of Gd.

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