Friday, September 24, 2010

despite it all...

I know my MRI showed that there are no significant soft tissue changes since the PVNS tumor was removed, but I don't believe it. My thigh hurts progressively more and more, an it is that "in the bone" feeling that I have come to know as the PVNS pain.

I also have been overdoing it a lot lately. A real lot. Succot was a huge amount of work, and unfortunately, it was very last minute here at the Klein house. By the time the chag started and our overnight guests from Meitar (neighboring town) arrived, the yard and succah looked beautiful. And the new outoor table and chairs set is gorgeous. The paint job on the house and the new pergola are *awesome*. But we worked *hard* for that. On erev Succot, a mere 4 hours before th chag, we were moving bikes and stuff into our storage area (a flight down, outside), hauling cement blocks out of the yard, cleaning the yard, including raking all the endless cigarette butts out (a gift from our workers), and making paths and designing the yard with the pile of boulders we had. I was up on a ladder for much of the succah decorating. The children helped with lots of the work, and Robert cooked up a storm, but, yeah, I overdid it. Ow.

So, I've had a few bad days. Didn't make it out of bed for shul. This morning I got out of bed around 10:45 only because my BIL & SIL were coming for a visit. Both families went bowling today (Friday), but my SIL & I went to a nearby coffee shop. That was perfect. :-)

My orthopedic oncologist wants me to have a series of x-rays done on my thigh (he called last week after checking my MRI). When I asked him why, he just said "post-surgery checks". I don't get that answer; isn't the current MRI better than x-rays?

But I am having thigh bone/joint pain, more than usual.

And I have some sort of respiratory coughing deal going on now; it's all been a bit of a strain on my system.

But "l'amrot hakol" ("even with everything", or "despite everything"), I am happy. And so is my family. Baruch Hashem.

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