Monday, October 25, 2010

Picking myself up by the bootstraps again

Feeling better today, thank Gd. It seems really true about when things get dark, it's right before the sun comes out.

I just feel more together today. The pain is less also. Probably not a coincidence that when the pain is less, I feel better. So much so that I pushed myself to go swimming, and I am so glad I did. I purposely did a condensed routine, and just really enjoyed the water. My back/ kidney pain seems to have gone away magically. I am thinking that if it is this way tomorrow also, I'll cancel the ultrasound that is supposed to be Wednesday. No need to chase phantoms.

I do feel that I need to find a better solution to the hip pain. Or actually, find a solution at all. I just keep going day to day hoping it will be better today; the one-day-at-a-time method. But I am realizing that I need a long term solution. I hope the acupuncture will help. But I am also going to follow-up this time on the pain clinic. I let the ball drop a while ago because I was expecting the surgery, and I didn't know what would be afterward. Now I know what is... hip pain, together with surgery pain. I need to stop waiting for things to change, and take the preverbial bull by the prevebial horns. I don't even know what the options are for me; I've heard so many different success stories. Some people swear by morphine and it's derivatives, and I have heard that adding Gabapentin can help if I have had allergies to morphine in the past. I have done *no* research on this, and I don't feel I have space for drug research in my life. Anyway, there are many other pain control drugs, as well as nerve deadening procedures that may be right for me.

If I don't follow up on this, who will?
Or as our sage Rabbi Hillel said:
"If I'm not for myself, who will be?"


  1. i think you should keep the ultrasound appt, just in case it comes back you won't have to start all over...

  2. I had a feeling someone may say that. I will keep the appointment, especially considering that the pain is back today. poo.

  3. Have you considered "medical canabis"? (i.e. pot)

  4. About pot-- you aren't the first to suggest it, and it's not a bad idea, from what I have read about it's pain control value. I wonder a few things; one, is it legal in Israel? And two; I assume it would be smoked, unless there is some other way I don't know about. I wouldn't want junk in my lungs. Anyone have answers to these questions?

  5. What I've heard is that it is legal if you are "approved" as needing it, and it is administered as drops. Do you have a medical social worker? I think she would know how to get find out.

  6. I found your blog thru your comment on RivkA - see, she will continue to influence even if her body isn't here with us. There is a wonderful article in the J'lm Post on the use of cannabis as a pain reliever. Hope it will be of help to you: