Wednesday, October 27, 2010

tiny update and cute pictures of Noah's ark

Very short post here-- I have gotten messages from more than a few people suggesting that I go to the ultrasound appointment even if I don't immediately feel the kidney-ish pain in my back.

Well, rest at ease. I am going in a few hours. I do think I would have cancelled if it really did turn out to be a phantom, but it came back yesterday, and is much stronger today. Bummer.

But, just so this is a more interesting post, here is a picture of Shifra's project... the second grade was to build Noah's ark, with no blueprint, no instructions, only imagination. Some built with clay, some from a shoebox, one used legos, and some clearly had their parents doing most of it-- the perfect angles and precision gives it right away. Shifra & I did a joint effort, and it came out great! The mediums used are popsickle sticks on cardboard, and Barbie & Ken-turned-biblical-looking (Using the barbies was her desire, I made the outfits... special notice to the fact that Noah is wearing Tzitzit! I should go into business...)


  1. First of all - even if the pain hadn't come back, better to err on the side of caution, so going to the ultrasound is good move. I hate to say it, but perhaps the return of the pain today can be seen as a blessing since it is pushing you to get the ultrasound...?

    Second - the pics of Shifra's project are absolutely adorable! And I love the tzitzit on Noah (now, if only he had kept them on after they left the ark and he went and got plastered...)