Monday, November 8, 2010

Do you believe in magic?

Today I did my hydrotherapy
and swam 25 laps.
I also went to a bris.
I had conversations about births and breastfeeding, and got to hold a newborn. Heaven.
Tomorrow we are going to Jerusalem for a shiva visit to Ayelet, the rebbetzin.
I have been to two funerals of people I loved in the same cemetery two Saturday nights in a row.
Two shiva calls in the same consecutive weeks.

going with stream of conscience here...
I am wondering if I should consult with someone else about my lower right back pain. It is stubborn, and I am not convinced it is gall bladder
(neither was the surgeon).
I remember going hither-thither and yon with my MRI when I had the thigh pain, finally diagnosed as PVNS, which could have destroyed the joint if it was left untreated.
Now I wonder if I should ignore this pain, or take my films to some guru and get another opinion.
Or not.

But you know what? I am having more good days than not good.

Now if I could just turn back the clock a bit and keep my babies small
for just a little longer.
I feel I am losing my littlest baby to
~~g r o w i n g~~.
I mean, I don't want the whole diaper thing back,
but that whole
fits-into-the-crook-of-my-neck-falling-asleep thing I am beginning to really miss.

The next stage will also be magical.
Life is magical, isn't it.

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  1. So glad to hear that you are doing well. Try not to overdo things though.