Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wandering thoughts before a nap

It occurred to me today as I was in my CT scan that I've had *a lot* of radiation these past three years. At least eight or nine CT's and many x-ray sessions. This morning was the second CT in three weeks (the other one was at the ER with the kidney stones). Next week I am supposed to get x-rays taken for my thigh joint to bring to the orthopedic oncologists on Tuesday. There are the jokes that go around that soon I'll have a nice glow to me, but what really *are* the risks? Anyone know?

MRI is certainly preferred, but is very expensive, so the health fund doesn't allow it very often. I have them twice a year for the PVNS.

What does Sarah do when she comes home with a fresh new CT scan on a disk? Pop it in, of course! The coolest part was seeing the screws in me that are holding down the mesh in my lower belly. It looks like a constellation of metal dots all over. Other than that I don't know what I was looking at, of course. We'll wait until I get the written evaluation, and then see what Prof. Meller thinks. That's next Tuesday.

I came back and walked Emma. Actually, she walked me. Actually, she ran and I walked. Slowly. She is so young and full of spunk, and is a *really* fast runner. She spends a lot of time around the house inside and out in the garden, and I feel bad that she doesn't get a lot of running time. It is pure torture for her to walk with me on the leash; I walk very slowly. So, I let her do our walk without the leash. I have been doing that more and more. While I cut corners, she romps and plays with neighborhood dogs & puppies. She runs up and down the sidewalk waiting for me to reach the house. When I finally get to our gate, she comes and waits for me to go in first. Such a great dogie. :-)

Oh, I just remembered that I have to make an appointment with a urologist/renal doctor for the kidney stone situation. Still hurts, but dull ache, not strong like the day at the ER. Interestingly enough, my doctor told me the other day that the calcification is actually in both kidneys, even though I only have pain on one side. I didn't know that; I had thought it was only on one side. I'll make an appointment and do that hooseyfloozy test. I forgot what it's called.

Other than all that, we are having a very nice Chanukah. It's very relaxing and together. Robert is taking the kids to a small zoo here in Be'er Sheva today. I think I'll hang back; it's a lot of walking for me. I got up early to do the CT and feel tired and sore from that. Tomorrow we'll go to Modi'in for an overnight till Friday with friends and family. Looking forward. I may take Shifra to a play tonight; a performance of "Little Women" in the theater/acting college locally. I think she'd enjoy it, and be mesmerized by the costumes and live actors. The boys have a birthday party to go to.

Oh, speaking of birthday parties-- we had a lovely one for Shifra yesterday. She is now eight years old! It was fun... lots of princess paraphernalia and hair do's for all the little girlies who came. They all left with little mirror compacts in little purses as party favors. Very, very cute. I'm a bit pink/sparkly/caked out, but... Baruch Hashem. :-)

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