Sunday, January 16, 2011

MRI and E-Coli

I am so truly and utterly wiped out.
I drove to Rechovot (an hour drive) this morning to get the MRI done. Made it there, got good parking, had the MRI, and made it back, thank the Good Lord.

Now I have to get it (and my last 6 months of various scans) to Prof Meller in Ichilov ASAP. I have a friend going to Tel Aviv on Tuesday, and she said she could take it for me, so that is wonderful.

On my way home, I got a call from my GP. She's a very busy woman, so getting a call from her isn't so great.

Turns out that my urinary tract culture that the urologist ordered came back positive. It is positive for the same exact strain of e-coli bacteria that I had in August (here is the post about that time). At the time, I had symptoms, and took antibiotics for it, and the symptoms went away. We never tested again after that. So only because the urologist ordered it, we see that the bacteria wasn't irradicated. It is "antibiotic resistant", except for a few antibiotics. My doctor wrote the script and I'll go this evening to pick it up. Then I'm gonna crash and hopefully rest this evening. I have a babysitter; I hope she can be effective. I made lentil soup already for dinner.

I miss Robert! Today is his father's unveiling.
eight more days! love you, sweetie!


  1. Hi Sare,
    it must be really hard without Robert there. Wishin koach to both of you! Does the e-coli have anything to do with the kidney calcification problem? Do you still have one doctor assigned to oversee all of these complications and medications? It must be very hard to keep it all in your head, let alone all the papers organized. Having one medical consultant would be very helpful and may prevent problems.

    LOL (I am now told this has changed meaning to "laugh out loud". NOT!)
    Dev, NJ (in "shmutz l'aretz")

  2. Sarah: I'm sorry you're going through this while Robert is away. I do hope his time in the U.S. is a blessing for him. And I hope your babysitter is all you need tonight. I wish I were local so I could come feed your children that delicious lentil soup!

    Hugs, Jackie

  3. Hi Dev!
    My doctor said she didn't think it as related; I had asked her the same question. But everything is related, right? If I've learned anything over these past few years, it's that.
    And I wish I had one medical consultant. It is confusing for me, too. SO much so that I feel unable to call the new nephrologist recommendation, or to change pain doctors to Dr. Z. Hopefully when Robert comes back and gets over jetlag, I'll be able to take care of this stuff.
    Everything is at the right time, though, right?
    love to you, too, darlin!!