Friday, March 25, 2011

Invasion of the jangled nerves

[This is my first journal entry on my New Computer!!! Thanks, Robert... Thanks for helping me to write. ILY.]

It was a really loud, crashing Boom! that we heard while we were gathered in our reinforced concrete room at 5:30am on Wednesday morning. We were awakened not by any alarm clock (we're never up at that hour), but by an air raid siren; the early warning system telling us that a missile is headed toward our city.

The boom was so loud because it was literally a three minute walk from our house. It landed in the street, spreading it's shrapnel for a hundred meters in each direction. That was close. (one person injured, he is doing OK now).

We went back to bed after it was over, and actually we were all able to fall back asleep again.
School was canceled.
The next time the early warning system siren went off was three and a half hours later.
Again we gathered in our reinforced room (with optional window closure made of iron, and heavy steel door) and waited for it... the *boom*. It came shortly after the siren ended, but it was much further away... in an empty lot, thankfully.

School has been canceled, and all the children have been home since Wednesday.

You know, I am used to this in a way; however anyone can get used to this sort of thing. It didn't freak me out. In truth, it didn't freak any of us out; everyone went back to sleep afterward, including myself.
But somehow, my PTSD has been ignited.

*I* am not freaked out, but my nerves are.
The nervous system makes decisions for itself, it seems.
Once again, noise is unbearable.
 Crazy unbearable.
 I have that ampliphier in my head again.
 It is so impossible.
I have been sleeping inordinately, and when I made myself stay up and do stuff, I felt lousy.
Crazy, awful dreams have been invading my nights.
Once again, I have turned into the mom who isn't totally together.

This will pass, we all know that.

But when will the rocket attacks cease?

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  1. Scary stuff. Anyone's nerves would be on edge in these trying circumstances, but you have extra reason to feel jumpy. Praying it passes quickly.