Friday, April 22, 2011

The "in between" days of Passover

Passover has been wonderful so far. Our seder was lovely. I took the children to the Australian park on Passover day. That isn't so usual for me, thank Gd for having some get-up-and-go! We had a visit from close friends on Wednesday, and went out to the Be'er Sheva city fair today. So, aside from the car dying and some woes associated with that, things have been really good!

I am happy about that and so many other things there are to be happy about. My kids are *Awesome* , and our renovations on our living room are so beautiful and calming to me.

(nice, right? :-))

So, yeah, stuff is GOOD. Baruch Hashem. My brother Peter is here in the country visiting, and I love that, too. He and his *~*friend*~* are coming tomorrow to stay for Shabbat, and he'll also be staying with us for the last day of Pesach holiday.
Really, really lots of great things!

negative stuff... small attempt at trying to minimize it... (I wish it was that easy)
But, my neck pain still wakes me up many times a night, and it is bad when I wake up. It loosens up as the day goes on, thankfully. But I am tired so much more now, because I don't get decent sleep. And the low-grade fevers come around still, like once a day, but sometimes I get one or two days off to convince myself that whatever it is, is all gone. But it's not all gone. I don't know how to figure out what it is. I hope my doctor will have some ideas of how to figure it out. Maybe go back to the ID doctor? Robert reminds me to go back to the orthopedist from last week, and I'll do that. Does the neck problem relate to the fever problem? We know I don't have glaring markers on the first basic of basics blood tests looking for infection. But I feel intuitively that something is going on here with me. Maybe I'll call back the internist that my friend recommended to me; at the time this friend said that he's an excellent diagnostician.

I really just want *ONE DOCTOR* to put this all together.

I still find it hard (and may always) to keep things in perspective. It seems that either I feel that something is going on in a big bad way with my health, or I try to talk myself down and pretend that my health is perfect... or at least acceptable. The truth is somewhere in between.

I was never one who did "in between" very well... but it very well can be a great place to be... it is true for Pesach...

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