Friday, June 24, 2011

Head stands and watery joints

I bought this great white whale of a U-shaped pillow for me to put in my bed when I read or write in bed... that'd be lots. But it is so comfortable that I have been falling asleep at the keyboard. Well, it could also be the fact that Robert is gone and it is all I can do to keep up with the kids and the house myself-- I'm exhausted.

I am just going to give a really short update before my eyes heavily shut down for the night.

I did a head-stand today. We all did. There are pictures to prove it!
Shifra's & Ya'akov's head stands
Wazi's head stand
Me.... on my head. (thanks, photoshop for fixing the modesty issue!)  

I haven't done that since high school, probably. My kids keep me young. :-)

As I told you, I am eyes-heavily-shutting tired, so I'll cut to the next point of interest:
The recent MRI report:
The amount of fluid in the thigh joint has increased in comparison to the MRI of five months ago. What does that mean? Well, it can certainly account for the increased pain I have in the joint. Anything to do about it? My GP says no, just wait and see. I'll now pass it onto Prof. Meller and see what he'll say in July at my next appointment.


  1. hysterical! gr8 head stands! glad you did not ask us all to paticipate. refua shlaima and hoping the kids will be extra easy and you will experience real shabbat menucha with all of those cuties . shabbat shalom, rochel.

  2. Amazing!!!!!

    Have a great Shabbat, my dear friend.

    Lots of hugs,