Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to Soroka I go

I wanted to update last night but I fell asleep at the keyboard... in this case, it was better for me to go to sleep. Sorry, though, that I haven't updated since the semi-alarming last post.

I have to make a long story *very* short because I need to get ready to go to Soroka.........
day surgery department.

But DON'T be alarmed.
I just have to get the black spot off. I got a second opinion from my own doctor the next day (after the urgent care doctor experience) and he said to get it off and biopsy; the sooner the better.

He also said it is probably nothing. But since it is open and bleeding occasionally, it is a source of possible infection, and just let's get rid of it.

So I am going.... ummmm..... now (get off the computer!) to Soroka with blood tests and paperwork.

I will update ASAP (probably this evening when I am back home in my bed nursing a boo-boo.

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