Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The orthopedist and the MRI- take two.

My orthopedist didn't even look at my MRI. To be fair, it was ordered by/for Prof. Meller, and this is Dr Rath, but one MRI is just as good as the next, no?


The MRI I brought with me had the contrast injection, but that was administered through my vein. It went through the whole body, even though it was an MRI for the hips. I guess that is what Prof. Meller requested? But I wonder if that was what he meant. I say that because Dr. Rath wants the contrast injection directly into the hips so he can see whatever it is he looks for. So, we have to do that again. The last MRI was awful, if you remember. That contrast injection thing made me barf about an hour afterward, and it was twice as long as one without any contrast because of needing that injection.

That, together with the fact that it is hard to secure MRI appointments in general, I left pretty frustrated. Oh, and sore. Love those "move this way" exams. (If I could do that, I wouldn't be here.)

Am I complaining? I am trying not to complain. I heard a Rav (a very learned and respected Rabbi) speak the other day on the importance of not complaining and looking at the holy side of everything. You guys know I can do that, but I am trying to make another concerted effort. I want to try to write without complaining. That is so annoying!

After I get the new MRI done (I love free health care- this all would cost and arm & a leg [no pun intended] in the US, right?), I will go back to Ichilov to Dr. Rath. I have an appointment for the end of December, if I can have it by then. If not, I'll just have to change the appointment. Then we can talk about surgery for the right hip.

He asked me if, knowing how I feel now about having gone through the surgery last year (impingement for the left hip), would I do it again. I had no problem at all saying yes, I would make the same decision again. It helped lots. I think, as I said to him, that I am at about 75% hip capacity (range of movement and walking limitations). I said that I know I can no longer expect 100%, that I would aim for 80%. Remember a doctor a long time ago said that to me? Dr. Rath reiterated that because of the NF, then the PVNS, I am absolutely right. He also told me that if we do it on the right hip, it has a better chance of healing faster, and closer to- but not really hit- the 100% mark. That would be *awesome*.

One thing I like about these travel days to doctors in Tel Aviv, is podcasts. I have a "smartphone" and I really like listening to all sorts of interesting lectures on all sorts of interesting subjects. I used to read on the trains. I brought a book with me today, actually, but I am recently more into the podcasts. Also, sometimes reading on a moving vehicle can cause nausea, and listening to lectures doesn't. I heard some witty and entertaining stories (from "the Moth"- thanks, DB!), and a few TED lectures that were really interesting.

One thing that is difficult, though, is coordination with the kids about who will pick them up and where will they be. This is for the two younger kids-- the two older ones take city buses and have house keys. I am relieved at their independence. Today I think I messed up *everything*. I misunderstood Robert's coordination plans. I think, all of them, actually. I went to the wrong house to get Shifra, and didn't get Azriel until an HOUR after school ended because I thought someone else was picking him up. I sped over there when the school called me. I had walked in the door of our house literally five minutes beforehand, so I wasn't able to eat. After I picked him up, I had to take him home (and drop off the two sweet kids who waited at the school with him, along with the on-call "late" teacher), make him a quick snack, and turn right around again to take him to a play which his school invited everyone to see. Again, I didn't have time to eat anything except two cookies. But they were really yummy.

I could have had another mother take him to the play, but I felt so guilty about him waiting over an hour for me after school that I took him myself. Thankfully I had a babysitter today. I quickly told her what to make for a simple dinner, and kissed my other kids, asked about various math and science tests which were today, and...

[my house is presently shaking from a low-flying army helicopter on the way to Gaza, and I am warm in bed in fleecy pj's. Ain't life full of irony]

flew out the door with Azriel to the play. It was a very cute one, and I was holding his little hand or petting his hair the whole time. He loved it (and truthfully, so did I. We don't get enough time alone together... 4th kid).

After the play I went to pick up Shifra from her friend's house, then picked up Robert near the central bus station. We got home, let the sitter go, and started the list of individual needs for all the kids. It is quite exhausting. (That's not complaining, is it? Just stating how it is?)

I ate, rattled off the "children's needs" list to Robert (should have written it down for the poor guy), and retired to my room. Gd bless my husband with strength and a giving soul, always. Amen.

With that, my hip pain and utter exhaustion bid you all farewell.  
(is that complaining? Please tell me here... I think I need guidance- I think I am so used to complaining that I don't immediately recognize it.)

Goodnight from a tiny corner in a complicated country.


  1. It may not always feel like it, but you are making progress. I hope you can get an appointment soon for the MRI.

  2. "I want to try to write without complaining. That is so annoying! "



  3. Hey lovely sister in law!

    Oh my gosh! I feel for you having forgotten Azriel. I have done that with my kids and that is one of the most
    guilt invoking things ever...

    Re: the complaining - I love it how you share your aspirations :-), and it really showed through your writing.
    We have this NLP coach in my business forum who always helps us with finding different wording - to still
    express what we feel but not get stuck in the negative. I love it. Things are 'challenging' not 'difficult',
    stuff like that. Don't you work with a NLP lady? I bet you she can suggest a book for you. The Thesaurus
    of feeling words :-).

    I love you,