Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lots of antibiotics and stubborn cellulitis.

I'm still in the hospital. I still have this cellulitis, or infection, or whatever it is. The good news is I have no fever. Bad news : The infection isn't responding to the antibiotics. When I came into the ER on Wed evening, I was taking "zinnat", 500mg, orally. Then they bumped it up to 750mg through IV. The redness & swelling stated to recede a tad and we were optimistic. This morning, however, it was angry again. Spread a tiny bit, and was much redder. Damn! So, logically, they upped the dosage again - same antibiotic, now doubled to a gram and a half per dose, 4 doses a day. No improvement over today, but we'll see what there is in the morning. I'm going to be here until it goes away. How long do we give the antibiotics to work? Unknown. I haven't yet seen an infectious disease specialist, and we still don't know what sort of bug we are dealing with. These are things we have to know. If they want to stop antibiotics and go for surgery to remove (part or all of), the mesh, I plan to on checking myself out to get other opinions. I have the infectious disease doctor in Tel Aviv who I used way back after the cellulitis 4 years ago. I'd go to him first. Then, depending on how that goes, I may go back to the surgeon who did the mesh surgery 2+ years ago, and get his opinion about the possible surgery. Of course, I haven't spoken about the fact that my son Ya'akov's Bar mitzvah is 5 weeks away. Surgery? WHAT?? Even without A bar Mitzvah coming up... Surgery? WHAT?? I am too tired to go into how things are going emotionally. Just that me & Robert are depressed. It just seems so unfair. Lying in a hospital bed when the world continues without you... No words. Just feelings. I had big dreams of planning the Bar Mitzvah the time I have. Do you remember that I was hospitalized a few weeks before Dov's Bar Mitzvah also? It wound up to be a beautiful weekend, with *Lots* of help from friends, but there were many things that didn't work out that I promised myself I'd do for Ya'akov's. Is it dangerous to leave the hospital with the infection not cleared up and not do surgery on the mesh until after the Bar Mitzvah? I mean I yes, the skin is very painful. But I can deal with pain. Presumably it could get worse going off antibiotics. But honestly - SURGERY? OK, one step at time. Tomorrow is a new day, and there is always the possibility that I will wake up with fresh, pink, healthy skin on gapey, instead of angry red infection. Amen.


  1. Hi Sare and Robert,
    BE"H the antibiotic will work asap. If the antibiotics don't work, it sounds as if you need an appt with that infectious disease doctor right away. Only an expert can advise if you can walk around with the infection untreated. Please don't take risks with yourself!
    Yaakov is so fortunate to know his parsha already and to have his parents help him... the celebration will be phenomenal no matter how the logistics work out. He is a true Ben Torah and it will be a beautiful celebration no matter what else may be going on.
    Wishing you a REFUAH SHELEIMA in body and soul (for you and for Robert) and doctors who will treat you well and who will give you immediate appointments as requested and will travel to your bedside.

    DB from NJ USA

  2. wishing you a complete refua shlaima! you are in my daily tefillot. rochel.