Thursday, January 24, 2013

We really tried to stay out of hospital...

Looks like I needed hospital antibiotics in the end. The oral ones I was taking were not getting the infection under control. On Wednesday I went to a doctor because I needed another opinion because I was ready to go to the hospital right then. The pain was getting worse, and the swelling and redness was being stubborn. I was really hurtin. Still though, I had a goal to stay out of hospital. So I went to the doctor. It wasn't my regular doctor, my clinic was closed. The one I went to didn't know me or my story at all. She took it all very causally, and just told me to wait till morning to see my regular doctor. I asked her, knowing my story, she doesn't think I should go to the ER? She said nothing would change in one night, so just go see my regular gp in the morning. However, she said, if I develop a fever in the night, I could go to the ER with a referral. I was driving home, talking to Robert on the phone (yes, hands free, of course.) and he asked how I feel in a general sense, and I finally realized that I felt achey, feverishy, and all. Got home, measured my temperature, and it was up to 38.2. Went to the hospital. We got checked into to the ER at 8:00pm, and I got a room and a bed only at 2:00am! Lots of difficult details I am skipping, but that is the time line. I got my first dose of IV antibiotics in the ER, then three more today. The cellulitis still is painful, though. There is an issue about my mesh, the big one under gapey which I had put in over 2 years ago. The one that took me almost a year to recover from. Remember I said that I am suspicious that the cellulitis got into there? Well, the docs are concerned that this infection actually *came* from the mesh. There is no obvious point of entry for this infection, and the mesh has been hurting me with this cellulitis. If that is the case, the mesh HAS TO COME OUT. I cannot comment on this more because the implications are too heavy for me to wrap my head around. What will hold my innards? And, of course, there goes the thoughts of reconstruction. And, if the doctors here recommend it, I would go for another opinion, to the doctor who preformed the surgery putting it in there. I cannot fathom taking it out. So we are putting it out of our minds until it needs to be considered. A doc who checked me today was pretty lackadaisical about my situation. I don't get how any doctor could say that in his opinion I could go home tomorrow, when I still clearly have the infection. He said he sees good improvement, and I can go home. I said that as much as I'd like to be home, the pain I still feel tells me that I'll be back in a few days time to do antibiotics again. More than that, getting doses of the same antibiotics with a break between stopping them and starting up again a new round with only days or a week between them, can create sensitivity to that antibiotic. Been there, done that. I want to stay as long as it'll take to irradicate this bug. I'll try to keep the updates coming. Doing it on my smart phone is challenging, but I did it now and understand the issues now. Good night from room 6 on the surgical ward in Soroka hospital in Be'er Sheva. (I was next door in room 5 when I had NF).

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  1. Sarah, I'm glad you're getting the antibiotic and hope you can stay as long as it takes. I'll pray for a good result and specifically about the mesh. Hugs, Jackie