Friday, August 2, 2013

Summertime, and the livin' is [sometimes] easy...

Shifra, footloose and fancy free, on summer vacation!

There have been so many reasons I haven't written lately, but you should know that I am fine! I mean, yeah, still healing my hip from that fall, still dealing with my wrist problem, but I'm fine. Didn't go anywhere. Just too busy, tired, sore, tired, busy, busy & tired. At the end of the day, I just do a minimal email answering and go to bed. I *want* to write, but no energy to put the time into it.

I think also that it means that nothing extraordinary is going on. Although it is all extraordinary, right?

We are going away on vacation next week! Thank you, Robert, for planning for the family a great travel agenda and lodgings. He worked so hard on it... hours on the internet and phone to get good deals and beautiful places. He's really good at that. Hurray for going on vacations and building memories for the family!

No, we're not going to America... not until the winter- late November. Tickets are extraordinarily expensive this summer, the highest they have ever been. Then multiply that by six... so, we decided to go instead at the kids' winter break.

Instead, we're going to a beautiful hotel on the shore of the Mediterranean,  in Ashkelon. There are kids activities, beautiful rooms, a pool, great food (we know because Robert & I stayed there a long time ago when Dovie was a baby), and right on the beach. What more could anyone want?

We'll be there from Sunday until Wednesday. Then on Wednesday, we are taking Shifra and Azriel to their cousins for a sleep-over in Modi'in, and me & Robert with Dov & Ya'akov are going to the lower Galilee to a "Tzimmer" (cabin, bed & breakfast), until Friday. Then we are going back to Modi'in, to join the kids & other Klein family for Shabbat.

On Sunday, we part ways...

I go to my health retreat. I will drive my car about an hour & a half to Mitzpe Alumot, near the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee). I'll settle in for a week of a raw food diet, detox, yoga, seminars, and all sorts of other hugging-trees-eating-twigs-and-berries sorts of things (hat tip to Sabrina!). I am a bit anxious, and above all looking forward!!

Then Robert and the kids head 'on south back home to Be'er Sheva. (yes, we thankfully & gratefully have two cars).

Robert has some ideas of how to spend that week, but nothing set in stone. They'll be fine.

So, I'll be checking in periodically, but mostly off line.
Can you believe I am going away for a week by myself? I know I will get lonely for the family, but it is an experience that I hope will get me on a really good track!

We have Emma, our dog, all taken care of, bringing her to my friend's house.
I also have a friend taking my place for visiting the elderly lady who I have been visiting in a retirement home. She's American and doesn't speak Hebrew, so I go there to spend some time with her, speak to her in English, and exchange stories. I have gotten kind of attached to her, so I am glad I am not leaving her without someone in my place.

So, aside from oodles of laundry and the constant straightening up of the house (summer vacation! Everyone around! Friends walking in and out constantly! Messes of stuff, food, dishes, everything! Go back to school!!), I've just been incredibly busy. We are still in the middle of the big room shift, still lots to do until that project is done.

So... there it is... the long and short of why I have been absent.

I'll blog again about vacation/retreat stuff, in real time. I am looking forward to journaling about my health retreat.

"Stay cooly-cool boy"! (who can tell me where that is from?)

Simply perfect.

Kids in camp Amichai, visiting day, 2013


  1. wow! I wanna go too...
    have a wonderful wonderful time, I wish you a relaxing and rejuvenating time for all!


  2. Dear Sarah,
    I am probably way off, but is that from West Side Story????
    Your vacation and retreat plans sound wonderful - nothing less than you all deserve.
    I know that I am very lax in replying to your "Chronicles" but I am addicted to them and "with you" in all the ups and downs. Hopefully there will be only ups from now on.
    Love to you, Robert, and the kiddies -
    Shabbat Shalom,

  3. West Side Story...

    Dear, dear Sarah,

    Your plans sound absolutely wonderful! I can’t wait to hear how it goes for you.

    Enjoy every moment. May the time be a deeply healing experience for you.

    Lots of love,


  4. It's from West Side Story! I'm glad to hear so many positive things, and I'm looking forward to your retreat as well, hoping it will be a positive turning point for you. Enjoy your family time, enjoy your alone time, heal your body, love your life!
    Hugs, Jackie