Sunday, August 11, 2013

We had a fantastic vacation, now it's time for me to get healthy.

My own room.
I am in a beautiful room, overlooking the Kineret ( sea of Galilee).

After a week of non-stop traveling and adventure with my amazing family, I finally wound up here... Mitzpe Alumot, the "health farm".

You know that I will write about the vacation week, and put up pictures, and write lots of stuff about what has been going on, but I waited until I got here. We have been busy from morning until night, and I decided it was just too much to keep up with writing.

I had some very anxiety-provoking dreams last night, my subconscious knowing that we are about to embark on something we have never done. I am here for a detox program of raw food. I'll write more about what that is, after I learn more myself.

My hopes are that:
It may greatly help my migraines
help me have more energy
and I hope for the unknown benefit that I know will come.

I have to go now, for the first tour and introduction to the program. I just wanted to give a little intro and update to say that I finally landed *here*.

Until later...


  1. it should be a refua for you . very happy you had time with the family. shavua tov, rochel.

  2. Hope it's as awesome as you hope it'll be

  3. DON'T WRITE!!!!Just experience this week. Tell us about it next week!!! Have fun!!

    1. Ken- I'm gonna write- try to stop me. I'm like 160 kilometers away...