Friday, August 23, 2013

Life is wayyy too busy!!!

I'm OK, just totally swamped. I literally have no time to write at all. I am taking away from my sleeping time to write now. I just don't want anyone to worry, so I wanted to jot down a little.

This week has been *crazy*!
This week: I had been gone for the two past weeks, and I came home to a complete mess (of which I only got under control today, staying up till about 2:30am), needed to get a yeshiva for Dov (a very pressured situation, but, success!), travel and spend the day in Bat Yam where he will be going to yeshiva, half collapse the next day. We also need to get everyone's school books together, get Dov ready for the dormatory, and with the some renovations going on, the house is such a mess. Well, was. It's a *lot* better now, but lots of hard work and shlepping and organizing like crazy. We have out-of-country good friends coming to stay with us this Shabbat, so there was a time crunch to get it done by Friday. I'm glad we had the pressure to get it done, but it was/is a LOT of work (because of the renovations).

I also have to prepare and cook lots in order to keep to my diet. Which, BTW, is difficult, but good. I do have more energy, that's for sure. I am also overdoing it, and I need desperately to regain equilibrium. I *think* my pain is lower, too, but I am not making any statements at the moment.

I need also to go to bed early, which has been a lost cause most of this week. It's kinda depressing, but I'll keep trying.

There is, of course, more to write, but it is almost 4am now.

This is crazy, and extreme. It *won't* stay this way.

Don't worry if I don't write for a while. Too much on my plate.


  1. shabbat shalom, rochel.

  2. Hope Shabbat helps get things back on track. Hugs...

  3. You are always in my prayers!!!

  4. Glad to hear from you, Sarah. Hope all is well.

  5. hope your renewed strength continues ! b'hatzlaha to Dov, I'm sure he'll do great - he's such a good kid - b"h !

  6. I haven't read the blog. Just got back. Sent you an e-card at regular mail. Shabbat Shalom. May Shabbos give you rest that reenergizes. Sending lots of love!