Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I just wanted this time to be different. To change the picture, so to speak. That is why I thought of canceling the CT when my body started to feel better. I gave it the chance to heal itself. Body's do that, you know. Especially when you are eating right.

Problem was that I haven't been eating right, or much at all, with the appetite loss problem. But the past few days, that problem has gotten better, also. My appetite is returning, and I am wanting and enjoying foods again. I honestly feel that my body can heal itself. Happens all the time. If that is the case, than why put all that radiation and a gallon of iodine into it for the scan?

And yes, I know that the new doc may not have taken me seriously if I didn't take the CT, but I couldn't make my decision based on what he'll think.

Anyway, I went and had it done today. No results yet, tomorrow my doc will start pressuring the department to get my results out.

It was awful. I **hate** CT's. Much worse than MRI's, and they also are difficult tests. In CT's you have to drink like a gallon of iodine. That *can't* be good for the body. Actually, it says all over the internet is that it's worst for the kidneys.

Anyway, there was a crazy juggling kids afternoon when the CT, which was scheduled to begin at 2, started at four o'clock. I had to drink the iodine over the course of an hour, and then wait my turn to get into the machine. Also, I had eaten a banana, having not been told that I need to be on a fast. That was the only thing I ate all day, but that didn't matter. It made me have to wait longer until they could carry it out.

Three kids had to be taken care of, and their individual needs were so different, I almost lost it. Me & Robert were SMS-ing like crazy looking for phone numbers, discussing timing problems. There was a special appointment scheduled for Ya'akov which was to start exactly at five o'clock. Shifra was to be picked up from her class hike at 5, and Azriel, thankfully, went to a friend who took him from school. As if the day wasn't starting out with enough pressure!

Along with that, phone calls about dog sitters (our original plan for our dog fell through), and other things.

OK, it's over. All the rest of the day I was nauseous. Bleh, It's over.

Tomorrow my doctor starts to pressure the hospital CT radiologist to give out the analysis of the findings.

G'night. I'm crazy exhausted.


  1. Sleep well, dear Sarah, have a good good rest. May tomorrow always be a better day.

  2. i wish you a moment of rest in the midst of all this.. and the best of luck in the juggling.

  3. Glad you were able to juggle everything. I hope you get the CT results quickly. Sending good thoughts.

  4. hope you slept well and hear bsorot tovot.

    1. Well, I wish I was sleeping better- it's hard to come down from the days I am having recently. Hakol mishamayim. It's going to be OK.