Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A few of my favorite things... a true landmark day.

My body is back 'on-line'. Things are going much better again! So glad I went off Lyrica. I am back to feeling great again!!!!!

Here are a few recent pictures of the children, me and Robert, and a few special surprises at the end....

Dovie, 16 years old
Me, Ya'akov (15) and Robert, a few months ago [a bit blurry]

Shifra, 12... Smile!
Shifra, 12, attitude ("get real, ima")

And now for the big surprise!!! 

                                I said I am feeling great, right?

Guess what I did today?!?!

                         First this....

opened my horn for the first time in over five years

                        T h e n .............................................................. 

T H I S !

Not so easy to take a "selfie" while poised to play horn.
I couldn't get too far with playing because a few valves are stuck.
I have to go to work on un-sticking them. It's a project.
No public sound bytes until I can play at least a bit better than
the sounds of, let's say, a dying camel.


And if that wasn't enough, then I went to THIS..........................

An afternoon chamber music concert at Ben Gurion University.
Shubert and Brahms... ahhhhhh.....

And to top it all off, me and my 9-year-old, Azriel, did THIS together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We went bike riding together! First time EVER.
I don't have a bike, but I raised the seat on Shifra's bike and made do.
We went all around the neighborhood and parks!
Yes, I'm sore, but we were so happy.
(I hope I can walk straight tomorrow.....)
One very happy mommy & son duo.
Today was MY mother's day.


  1. Hurray for fun and progress!!!

  2. Welcome back to the sunnier side of life. Stay there 😆

  3. Lovely happy post; may it continue.

  4. What a great day! So nice to be meeting Prototype 3. Keep up the good "work".

  5. Sarah, I am so happy for you and all you were able to do the other day! I have been praying for you for all that you are going through. I have also been waiting for the day that you took out your french horn and played. Mazel Tov! I remember the days in Glen Head when we used to play the French Horn together. Continue to be blessed and feel great!

  6. Great news Sarah. I feel, that for me there are winds of recovery, health and cure in the air at this time of year. I enjoy them as well.

  7. Replies
    1. Sandy, I got sooooooo many emails with exactly that sentiment! One friend wrote Yeah like ten times in huge bold purple print in an email. I wish I could reproduce that here! But, thanks. And thanks to everyone! I honestly had forgotten what feeling well felt like.

  8. your smile says it all! you should continue to have good health and many fun activities with your family! rochel

  9. Welcome back to the land of the living! This is the most exciting je-mail I've received in a lonnnng time, and it's wonnnnnn-derful!!


  10. Unbelievable! WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!!!.

  11. Super Mom!!!
    Robert :)

  12. Yay!!!!!!!!

    Just keep listening to your body and don't overdue it!

    Miriam Maslin

    1. Well, my loving healer, I did overdo it... but it was good while it was happening! landed in bed Thursday. This, too shall pass.